Explore vision casting...Reduce the cost to educate potential customers on the company's service; Get the sales team in front of the right prospect more often; Increase the management's span of control, i.e. manage more salespeople in the same time/effort

To cause these 3 outcomes, I define on paper your 'Proven Sales Success.'
Proven Sales Success is what success is to the customer, from their POINT OF VIEW
When you have defined what your customers consider success, you have a greater opportunity to grow revenue and expand the sales team

The framework used to collect your customers' success is the Sales Model


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Proven Sales Success–

  • Ideal Customer Profiles 
  • Product Customer Fit by profile
  • Preexisting Pressure to act
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Buying journey/process
  • Competitive analysis
  • Lead Generation Method


  • Dept. Structure
  • Management matrix
  • Mang. decision framework
  • Decision process/criteria
  • Feedback loop
  • Marketing Campaign/Message
  • Voice of customer marketing


  • Contracted Sales Model Development Leader

  • 10-40 hours per month

  • Remote or in person


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for rapid growth companies



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